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Validating an integer in java

It takes a single or list of values of the type Element Type, but we are only allowing our custom annotation to be applied to types, whether they be classes or interfaces.

Using this annotation for any other purpose will result in a compiler error.

This interface declaration is recognized by the compiler and an anonymous implementation class and instance are created by run-time code.

After creating the annotation interface, we must implement the class that actually perform the validation.

The name of the validator class must be the same as used in the The validation will be triggered automatically when any Rating object is persisted through Hibernate/JPA.

Each member of the interface is interpreted to represent one of the required or optional parameters to the custom constraint annotation.

For our purposes, all we will need to declare is the The @Target annotation specifies to what sort of program element that the validation applies.

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To ensure an integer value has a value between one and one-hundred, we could code an accessor method like this: What if the value of the rating depended on other values that could not be bound at compile time?

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