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Srilanka vimu sex pictures

Imagine the cultural and societal challenges and pressures.The Pope, the head of the Catholic Church has said each parish should adopt at least one refugee Family. Not one wordm has been heard from Rich Arab nations when the victims are all Arabs. It is wrong for the few west hating Sri Lankan Muslims to be so one-sided and ignorant of facts on the ground.The influx of refugees of a different culture, values, and ethnicity will cause long term social and political problems for all the European nations who are now accepting refugees.Germany has said it may absorb nearly a million refugees.Given this tragedy, everyone’s wish is that Sri Lanka will never again see war.Fact is that secular modern western nations are still far more tolerant and accepting of people of totally different ethno-religious backgrounds than other nations in the world.

Everyone blames the US and Europe, but when it comes to humanitarian actions, they are always expected to take the lead. The destabilizing impacts of this massive influx of refugees is frightening.Secular democracies triumph religious theocracies and dictatorships any given day.Sri Lanka is a developing nation and it cannot say much about this sort of global crisis.There should be zero tolerance for religious extremism and violence or anyone propagating segregation and violent expansion of any political or religious extremist ideology.Islam like Buddhism are ways of life of peace and co-existence are they not?

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This writer found a photo of a young Sri Lankan Muslim boy protesting in front of the UN on the front page of a leading Sri Lankan newspaper. Not one of those nations have opened their doors to Arab Muslim refugees fleeing Islamic extremism. Europe is dealing with an unprecedented influx of refugees not seen since World War II.

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