Machine for carbon dating

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Machine for carbon dating

Researchers have produced a new archaeological tool which could answer key questions in human evolution.The new calibration curve, which extends back 50,000 years, is a major landmark in radiocarbon dating -- the method used by archaeologists and geoscientists to establish the age of carbon-based materials.Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) vice-chairperson Kamlepo Kalua has said the country needs a carbon dating machine to authenticate documents presented for audit in government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs).For two months now, PAC has been meeting officials from various MDAs to explain audit queries in the Auditor General’s reports from 2013/14 financial year to 2014/15.

The project was led by Queen's University Belfast through a National Environment Research Centre (NERC) funded research grant to Dr Paula Reimer and Professor Gerry Mc Cormac from the Centre for Climate, the Environment and Chronology (14CHRONO) at Queen's and statisticians at the University of Sheffield. It is the size of a screwdriver with a section that resembles an hourglass.It can be used to detect the precise age of even the most ancient of artifacts.Alex tries to use it on Jerry, only to comment that it doesn't work on him.The spies use it later to pinpoint Cheston's cloak to the 13th century, 1246 CE, in March, on a Tuesday, at pm.

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In an interview later, Auditor General Stevenson Kamphasa lamented the authenticity of some of the documents which, he said, he rejects when they are brought to his office.