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It looks like something might be developing between Carrie and Sami’s husband Rafe. Everyone seems to be thinking that, and it’s interesting. How is he dealing with having his wife gone three days a week when you’re working on? At the moment I’m just interested in doing a good job on the show.

I’m hoping they keep it where it is right now, which is we’re trying to get along like sisters normally do, but there’s that underlying bad blood that you can’t really get over no matter how hard you try.

” And I would say “I have no plans to come back to the show,” and that was how it kept on going.

With plans to refocus the canvas on the characters fans have loved for decades, the decision was made to bring back fan favorites John and Marlena (and many others) to kick off the “new” Days of Our Lives. “Watch Now to See How We Change” is the theme for DAYS leading into the fall. TVSource Magazine: When did the talk of your return begin?I spent two and a half years really replenishing myself, spending time with my children.My son was about to begin applying to colleges, my youngest son was going into high school.I think we’re looking to all segments of our community, of all demographic, to see how they’re handling their lives – Who we want to be when we grow up and who are children are and that fascinates them.To be able to see family across the entire spectrum is a great lesson for people. We’re returning to Alice’s kitchen although it isn’t Alice anymore. The reasons you’ve left are gone and the reasons that you loved the show are back.

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He set about putting in place all the changes that he thought were critical to the show and he was completely right.

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