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Radioisotope analysis Cerling and his colleagues applied a forensic science method to objectively estimate the age of samples in seized ivory shipments—radiocarbon dating.

As elephants grow new material at the base of their tusks, the ivory contains the carbon-14 signature of the plants the elephant had recently eaten.Details An example of bomb-pulse radiocarbon dating of a terrestrial sample from Northern Hemisphere zone 1.For a radiocarbon value measured in a sample S (Fs), bomb radiocarbon delivers two possible calendar dates (T1 and T2), indicated by the grey boxes (Hua, 2009).“Related techniques help to answer questions of where.” Samuel Wasser, of the University of Washington, led collection of ivory samples from large stockpiles seized by law enforcement officials between 20.Alerted by contacts in law enforcement, officials in the seizing country or from internet monitoring, Wasser collected some samples himself and directed colleagues in sampling the rest.

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